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X Rocker 5171901 Boomer 2.1 Wireless Sound Chair

X Rocker 5171901 Boomer 2.1 Wireless Sound Chair

The Video X Rocker 5171901 Boomer 2.1 Wireless Audio Gaming Chair

If you ever wanted to be part of the action of the game or feel part of the movie you are watching then the Video X Rocker 5171901 Boomer 2.1 Wireless Audio Gaming Chair will bring that experience to you.

Loaded with two incredible speakers and one strong subwoofer this games chair immerses you in the action and makes you feel as if you are a part of what you are seeing on your screen.

The rocking design and fabric construction will keep you comfortable during hours of movie watching or game playing. This is a great chair for your ultimate gaming experience.

The X Rocker Boomer Sound System

X Rocker 5171901 Boomer 2.1 Wireless Sound SystemIt is a part of the X-Rocker family, it has a smooth rocking feature with a two speaker system that lets you enjoy your gaming experience for hours. It is designed specifically with the pro gamer in mind but can also be enjoyed for listening to music and watching movies.

The Boomer has the addition of a great subwoofer which uses Audio Force Modulation Technology (AFM). It is a ground-breaking technology which magnifies the sound quality inside the X Rocker Boomer for an amazing sound and an even better gaming experience.

This brings you all the feeling involved in the game or action packed movie.

Design and Comfort

The X Rocker 5171901 Boomer 2.1 Wireless Sound X Rocker 5171901 Boomer 2.1 Wireless Back RestChair has a very sleek slim profile look but don’t be fooled as it provides you with maximum back support in its body hugging design.  It is professionally upholstered on a very strong, well-built frame without crossbeams.

Its mesh and body hugging design keeps the player cool during their gaming experience. With its wireless receiving and transmission capabilities you no longer have to worry about tripping over cords.

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The X Rocker Boomer Features

  • Mesh fabric for coolness and comfort.
  • Separate controls for volume and bass.
  • Versatile- you can watch movies or listen to music.
  • 2 speakers and a subwoofer using AFM technology.
  • Wireless technology that works with any RCA source.
  • Compatible with PS4, Xbox One and most other leading gaming consoles.

The Pros

  • Great sound system
  • Design & Comfort
  • Has RCA cables
  • AFM Technology
  • Plays music from headsets or other sources

The Cons

  • Not great for taller gamers
  • Less comfortable for heavier players
  • No arm rests for those who prefer with

The Reviews

As it is with all other on line products, there are the good experiences and also some bad ones. The bad, of course, could come from customers receiving what car makers call a lemon. The product they bought was just one of those things where an inferior item slipped through.

Most of the customers who purchased this leading games chair wrote in and said that they absolutely loved this slim pro design and the comfort it provides and that it was a very popular gift to the young gamers in the family as it is also very affordable.

Other consumers also said they liked its music playing capabilities. So all in all the good reviews out-numbered the bad by about 10 to 1 making this a very popular item you should add to your wish list.


If you want an ultimate gaming chair that will help you enjoy and relax through hours of playing video games then this chair is the one you should look into and consider buying.

The immersion sound system will help bring hours of fun to your young gamer and if they are older they will enjoy being part of the movie action or simply feel like they are in the audience listening to their favorite musical performer.

Very reasonably priced, this chair will not break any budgets but it will certainly impress the person getting this as a gift.

The only thing to watch out for is that the tall gamers may not fit to well in the chair. Other than that, this is one of our favorite ultimate gaming chairs for you.

If you think this X Rocker 5171901 Boomer 2.1 Wireless Sound Chair could be the right one for you than check out the updated discounted price right here.

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