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Types Of Gaming Chairs

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The Different Types Of Gaming Chairs

There are many different types of gaming chairs on the market today and for the occasional video game player “gamer”, a standard office chair or recliner should provide sufficient comfort for you to enjoy the game. But if you routinely play for several hours a day, a standard and regular chair would drastically affect your enjoyment and even performance.

Get An Edge Over Other Gamers

Professional and hardcore gamers need to seriously consider getting a chair that maximizes their comfort, performance, and pleasure.

Although there are different types of gaming chairs, they are specifically designed for this purpose as they take away the direct strain and aches to your back, neck and even legs letting the gamer concentrate on the game giving you an edge over other gamers.

They will also help to prevent back and neck pains, as well as other posture-related problems.

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Best PC Gaming Chairs

Types Of Gaming Chairs
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Types Of Gaming Chairs

If you spend more than the average 6 hours per week in front of your PC or game station, you should consider getting one of these types of gaming chairs:

PC gaming chairs

Kinsal Ergonomic Leather High-back Swivel Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support - BlueThe PC game chairs have a similar shape and form to a swivel desk chair though they are not made for office work. Chairs for PC gaming are built like the bucket seats found in racing cars, to maximize comfort and endurance over many hours of continuous use.

They are designed ergonomically with castors and height adjustments like office chairs. But beyond that, they also feature detachable cushions, comfy armrests, superior lumbar support, and a headrest, all to maximize your experience when gaming on a PC.

You can also take a quick rest without leaving the game chair as these types of seats have an amazing ability to tilt back nearly 180-degrees without tipping over.

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Rocker Gaming Chairs

X Rocker 51491 Extreme III 2.0 Gaming Rocker Chair with Audio SystemThese fun, rocking-style chairs let you sit closer to the floor. They are designed to maximize the gamer’s comfort, as opposed to posture, with their L-shape, padded backs, headrests, and chair arms.

The high-end rocker chairs feature speakers and subwoofers, vibration support, wireless receivers, and RCA inputs – all of which serve to enhance the gaming experience.

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Bean Bag Game Chairs

best beanbag game chairsThe best relics from the 70’s, the popular beanbag chairs are making a comeback in the gaming community. They don’t have speakers, RCA inputs, lumbar support, arm-rests or even headrests. However, they provide the ultimate comfort for gamers, and are a great addition for any game room.

The very affordable price for the bean bag chairs, their light weight and flexibility makes the one of the most popular and loved chairs on the market today, throw in gaming and you have a winner in your room.

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Game Chairs for Forza Motor-sports

C:UsersuserDesktopbest gaming chairsFree Picsforza_gaming_chairs.pngFeaturing multi-point turning support for the gas/brake pedals, steering wheel support, a special wheel/pedal support plate, and a patented fold-down system for space-saving storage, the range of Forza Motorsports gaming chairs provide a truly immersive sim-racing experience.

The gaming chair supports pedal sets and steering wheel for Xbox One and Xbox 360. Moreover, you can conveniently adjust driver height and settings with a knob for maximum enjoyment.

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Pedestal Games Chairs

The Ultimate X Rocker Pro 51259 H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair WirelessThis gaming chair is slightly raised from the ground. It is similar to a recliner, except that it rotates and rocks on a pedestal base rather than on legs/wheels.

Some manufacturers build racing accessories for pedestal chairs, which should make this chair preferable to the rocker gaming chair for gamers who are more invested in racing games.

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V Rocker Gaming Chairs

The Ace Bayou Rocker gaming chair blueAll rocker gaming chairs generally don’t come with any stand or pedestal to make them swivel. You can place it directly on the floor or mount it somewhere convenient to maximize your console gaming experience.

The Video Rocker-style chair (much like the X-Rocker) is specially designed to offer comfort for intense video gaming. V rocker gaming chairs feature a control panel and in-speakers that you can use to enjoy some music when taking a break from gaming.

It is compatible with DVD and home theatres, so you can watch movies on your gaming chair as well.

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Memory Foam Gaming Chairs

memory foam gaming chairsThe memory foam gaming chairs are the ultimate in comfortable sitting and may be the most suitable option to the common bean bag gaming chair.

The main difference to the usual bean bag chair is its filling, it has a high quality of memory foam and it skillfully adjusts itself to the contour of the gamers shape and will give you the support exactly where your body requires it most.

This great feature lets you enjoy your game for even longer (not as if you need any motivation) without your neck and shoulders getting sore as usual.

Unlike conventional gaming chairs that are fixed and their main use is for gaming, the memory foam gaming chairs have many other uses. To begin with, it appears a great deal more fashionable and is going to improve any bedroom or space. On top of that, it is so comfortable and feels unbelievable and it is a cool games chair to have.

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Which Gaming Chair Is Best?

The ergonomic design for gaming chairs is very different from that office chairs, because desk work and gaming require different postures for comfort and productivity.

When working on your PC, you need to stay upright with a neutral spine posture. So your desk chair should provide upright support to help you relax in the right posture.

Most gamers, on the other hand, like to recline in their chair in order to relax their lower back. A gaming chair that offers tension control and/or a locking backrest is critical to provide good support in that position.

When choosing a gaming chair, you just need to find one that maximizes your comfort, provides a good position for your legs and can fit in your space.

The availability of gaming amenities, such as built-in speakers and vibration-capability, or the support for complementary accessories such as TVs and stereo systems can also influence you decision.

There are many more game chairs out there in different shapes, sizes and design, but these are the most popular, affordable gaming chairs and the best value for your money.

Getting the right gaming chair could also improve your gaming performance and experience, especially if it also creates the right gaming environment and atmosphere in your room.


So let’s recap, there are many different types of game chairs out there for both beginner and pro gamers. There are also many different uses for most chairs other than just gaming which means that you need to read the reviews before you make a decision and choose a games chair.

From writing many reviews on a wide range of chairs we can also see some common features even in the low price affordable gaming chairs.

Some of the main features to look out for are:

  • Good support for back and neck
  • Built in speakers
  • First-rate audio output
  • A wireless sound system
  • Strong arm rests
  • Great design and color
  • Comfortable
  • Cushioned Seats

The ultimate gaming chairs will obviously include all these excellent features as a basic pack, that being said, you may not need or use all of them as they don’t suit your gaming strategies or favorite games.

So, choose the ones you use most and pick the right games chair that go well with and fit you as a gamer. You will find some great cheap gaming chairs at some very affordable prices, so read the reviews and improve your gaming.

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