Improve Your Game With An Awesome Gaming Chair

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Are Awesome Gaming Chairs Worth It?

How Can An Awesome Gaming Chair Improve Your Gaming Results?

The gaming world is huge it covers so many different things that beginner gamers’ sometimes forget that the powerful gaming computer and an expensive mouse and the newest console are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to enjoying a great video game.

There are many add-ons that we can use to enhance and perfect our gaming experience such as gaming glasses game pads controls and a great deal more.

There is however one accessory that has very recently started gaining popularity among video gamers’ and that is the gaming chair. This is an awesome necessity many gamers’ neglect as they do not know it exists or how it can in many cases improve their overall gaming results but more on that later.

Have you ever asked yourself why does your back and neck start to hurt after a long time on the computer or do you find yourself moving around all the times scratching because you’re uncomfortable .

Apart from the exceptionally really nice design a good gaming chair will provide you with:

  • Comfort
  • Convenience
  • Performance

awesome gaming chair features

The Best Gaming Chair Features

  • Most awesome gaming chairs will also offer you:
  • Back and neck support
  • Built-in speakers
  • Excellent audio output
  • Wireless sound system
  • Arm Rests
  • Great design
  • Comfort and Cushioned Seat

And a great deal more…

So if you are a gamer intending to spend hours in front of your computer or gaming console than an awesome gaming chair is an absolute must for your overall gaming experience.

A good comfortable games chair will support those energetic and forceful movements.

Some game chairs also have a pedestal which will allow you to swivel but most gaming chairs will let you rock back and forth too.

These features allow you to play your game without getting tired and it’s probably the main reason why your overall playing results would improve. This should give you an indisputable advantage over your rivals.

One other important feature of using the video gaming chair is that it will help you avoid unwanted back problems.  While the average Joe will make do with a regular armchair desk chair or even an office chair as a gamer these will definitely not do.

These chairs can be used for gaming but they won’t give you the comfort, design, appearance, or the excitement that the best gaming chair will offer you.

An awesome games chair is the ultimate gaming accessory that will offer you all the flexibility that you need to keep you totally immersed in your gaming world where you will not only hear the game but will be able to feel it through the sound of the bass and built in sub woofer for the ultimate gaming experience.

awesome gaming chair infographic

A good quality gaming chair will set the stage for a successful game and let you play your favorite video game for many hours at a time.

What we are going to do in the following post is to review the best gaming chairs that you can find on the market today and for an affordable price, there are many cheap gaming chairs out there with great features.

Our aim is to help you identify what features these chairs can offer you so you can make a choice based on your personal needs without wasting time and effort searching the net yourself.

We are relentlessly searching for new gaming products and worldwide manufacturers so we can bring you the best gaming chair reviews.

When we review a game chair we will usually look at the following features:

Comfort – Overall chair padding, height, weight etc.

Audio system – Wireless feature, earphone jacks, sub-woofers etc.

Type of gaming chair – Low gaming chairs, low chairs on a pedestal, swivel.

Chairs for beginners or gamers’ pro chair.

From our experience we are aware that a game chair packed with features does not always make a great product.

By reviewing both new and popular gaming chairs of all price ranges including all the features, the pros and cons and real consumer reviews, we know for certain that you will be able to make the best decision when choosing your ultimate game gaming chair.

What to look out for when buying a gaming chair

Built in audio system





Built in audio system

ultimate gaming chair audio systemIf you’re a teenager gamer I can always be certain that you don’t have a fully blown audio surround system with a powerful sub woofer in your room that makes you feel the vibrations of a racing engine or a gunshot as if you were actually in the game itself.

Sure you can still hear and probably get a good sound from your existing speakers or your headset but feeling the BASS vibrating your whole body is a completely different experience and make your video game a lot more realistic as you can feel the car engine rambling and your rivals bullets flying by you…. that is real.


ultimate gaming chair designsHaving a great gaming chair is fantastic but having one with a cool design is much better. There are many styles out there in each gamer will undoubtedly have their own style and design they prefer, so look through the best gaming chairs reviews and find your own style of game chair.


awesome gaming chair comfortThis is a feature that should not be overlooked as it has a direct impact on your health. If you are a serious gamer or you find yourself spending hours in front of your PC or console than you must avoid using the regular and ordinary office chairs or any other chair that doesn’t support your back and neck.

Television and PC screens can have an unwanted effect on your vision and there are ways to cut down drastically the damages from spending hours in front of a screen. And there is no reason why you shouldn’t protect your back and neck using a great gaming chair and having fun using its features while you do.

There are many awesome games which need your maximum attention and focus so you can get an edge, which is something you will not be able to do if your back needs stretching or your neck starts to hurt.


awesome gaming chair materialMost if not all of the serious gamers’ spend quiet a lot of time sitting down in front of their screen and that is why the material used on the games chair is just as important.

Make sure you choose the right material used on the seat, that means one that can be easy to wipe down and clean, that it has a good grip so you don’t find yourself on the floor and that it feels good to sit on.

Every gamer will have their own preference of material to suit their needs, so choose well.


There are many cheap awesome gaming chairs on the market ranging from $29 to the $70 range. Although these chairs don’t pack a whole load of features they have good back support and do the job well. They are however for kids and are not for the serious gamer.

The ultimate gaming chair has a hefty price range of approx $34,000 so it is well out of most of our budget. You can however, find some excellent well priced awesome gaming chairs starting from $150 and all the way up to the $500 price range.

These chairs pack many great and useful features such as:

  • Back and neck support
  • Built-in speakers
  • Excellent audio output
  • Wireless sound system
  • Arm Rests
  • Great design
  • Comfort and Cushioned Seat

So depending on the budget you have, you can always find a great chair that will look cool with a great design and a high level of comfort to suit your needs and make your gaming experience a better one.

You may also be interested in checking out our top choice gaming chairs for 2016 and also if you just want to go through to what we consider to be the very best gaming chair you can see a full review of the X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Wireless Gaming Chair.


Best tips for selecting the Ultimate Games Chair

As opposed to the usage of an office seat, a comfy, perfectly designed and affordable gaming chair can be a particular basic product which will improve and even enhance a gamer’s expertise more than ever.

You will discover there’s no reason in getting a normal office chair for game playing for those who are real gamers who are in fact intend to generate the most of their gaming adventure.

This really is not only an issue of comfort and ease, but additionally a issue of keeping your total body in great well being should you dedicate a great deal of time having fun with gaming.

In the event that you will have to make a decision, your personal desires are the main and most important points to look out for, only then you should start looking at the selection of functions and capabilities offered by any specific games chair.

For instance, we can take a look at the X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Wireless Gaming Chair [Review] has a great design to it as well as feeling awesome, however it is in the higher price range and will cost you more than say the Ace Bayou 5121001 ABC  Video Rocker  [Review] which is a great chair for beginner gamers and is an awesome gaming chair.

That being said, if compared to the X Rocker gaming chairs which have the ability to be linked between them for getting a fantastic multi-player adventure.

So, read through the features of each games chair and choose the one which has the features you are looking for and will suit your gaming needs best.

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