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The Ultimate Gaming chairs reviews and Buying Guide

Types of Gaming Chairs

Console gaming chairs are usually used for PS4 and Xbox One games, these chairs are frequently situated on the floor are basically low chairs and are very close to the floor, whilst PC gaming chairs are customized especially for PC based games and sit much higher off the ground.

Console Gaming Chairs
There are basically two types of console game chairs and they are:

The Rocker Gaming Chairs

The rocker design gaming chair is situated exclusively on the ground, it has an L shape design and it is developed primarily with comfort in mind.

There are many different designs to the rocker gaming chairs as you can see in the pictures below:

affordable rocker gaming chairs

The Pedestal Gaming Chairs

The pedestal game chairs are higher off the ground as they sit on a pedestal, they have all the benefits of a low game chair but will also allow you to both swivel and rock.

They are an excellent choice for those gamers who need to move around a lot and want to sit higher up off the ground.

There are also different styles to the pedestal chairs each having their own features as you can see below:

Best Pedestal Gaming Chairs

Selecting Your Ultimate Gaming Chair

Cheap Best Gaming Chairs Under a $100

There are hundreds of affordable gaming chairs on the market today with prices racing into the thousands of dollars and they will all offer you better gaming experience. That being said, you don’t have to spend so much money on a good games chair in order to enjoy the many features they can offer you as a gamer.

There are many great cheap gaming chairs and if you are a beginner or you are about to buy your first game chair than you should probably start off with one of the chairs in the lower price range.

If you have been gaming for some time now then you already know the importance of a great game chair and the advantages it can offer you, so you should probably move on to the next level of affordable game chairs.

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Affordable Gaming Chairs Under $200

For the beginner gamers’ among you with a slightly higher budget, there are many affordable swivels, pedastal and PC game chairs out there for you to choose from.

In the list below we are only showing a number of chairs with a price range of between $100 to $200.

In this price range, you will find great game chairs with many of the great features in the ultimate gaming chair price range such as:

  • Built-in speakers
  • High full back support
  • Lumber support
  • Headrest
  • Armrests
  • Sub-woofer
  • Compatible with all consoles… and much more

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Pro Level Gaming Chairs At $200 And Up

If you are a beginner gamer trying to pick out your first gaming chair than go back to the previous list of game chairs as the following list is more for the pro-gaming chairs level.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that you can’t buy one of these excellent chairs it’s just that they are packed with features you will probably not use until you reach the pro level stage of console or pc gaming.

These are also made with high-end materials and jam-packed with a collection of features which are usually spread across a few chairs.

In the pro gaming chairs you will find some of these excellent features:

Rocker Gaming Chairs Features

  • Wireless video game chair
  • Two built-in speakers near the headrest
  • A sub-woofer near the base
  • A command control panel on the side
  • Ergonomic design
  • Luxurious cushioning
  • Spacious armrests
  • Full back support
  • Compatible gaming with Xbox, PS4, MP3/CD/DVD, and home theaters.

And More…….

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PC Game Chairs Features

  • Reinforced 5-Star Base for a solid structure.
  • Effortless Assembly – a quick one-person installation process.
  • Steel Frame and High-Density Resilience Foam.
  • Made of high-quality PVC leather, extremely durable with a luxurious look
  • Soft and smooth gliding on any surface.
  • Flexible seat back with adjustment
  • Ergonomic design– more efficiently and comfortable
  • High weight capacity

And Much More…..

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Are Game Chairs Really Worth It

One other bad side effect from sitting long hours on a couch or an uncomfortable chair is the severe back pains you may suffer from as these chairs are not made for gaming and they will probably cause you damage in the long run.

So if you are a gamer or plan to spend a few hours in front of your console then you need to get your hands on the best gaming chair so you can look after your back and neck and save yourself unwanted pains.

There are so many gaming chairs on the market today with numerous manufacturers claiming that their product is the leading chair on the market. And although most of the ultimate games chairs look alike they are far from producing the same outcomes, especially for a well-established video gamer.

Can A Games Chair Improve My Game?

Quite a few gamers are ready to shell out any sum of cash for the perfect gaming console but tend to be unwilling to spend so much for a good gaming chair.

A lot of gamers are not aware of the gaming products on the market that can easily change the way they play. The proper gaming chair is really worth each and every single cent you spend on it.

You are probably unaware of the fact that a good games chair will improve both your overall experience and your gaming results, only after you sit in one will you understand why they were specifically built for a better game.

Our main objective is to assist and guide you through our reviews so you can select the best gaming chair which fits your gaming necessities.

If you’ve never used or invested in a good gaming chair or whether you are looking to advance and upgrade your current chair, you have found the best place for it.

Best Gaming Chairs Reviews And Recommendations

We really don’t sell game chairs, we review both the best sellers and the latest ones out on the market. You will find a variety of the best chairs on the net so you can select the best chair easily without having to search and review multiple sites.

We will put aside the advertising strategies, sales promotions, and claims made by the companies that can sometimes confuse a beginner gamer or a first-time buyer. We analyze the main features and technical specs and always take a serious look at some of the consumer feedback on the product itself as they are probably the best reviewers ever as they have bought and tried the product.

Our leading game chair reviews which are usually the ones we tend to recommend are the chairs that we have actually physically checked out ourselves, so look out for those.

Promoting Game Chairs

We would also like to state that we do not promote any one gaming chair, in particular, personally or for any company so you know you will always get a first hands-on review from real users’ experience.

An enjoyable and comfortable gaming chair is a necessity have if gaming is one of your pleasures and a hobby you spend hours of your free time. You most likely spend a number of hours every day in front of your computer or gaming station. If the seat you spend that time on is an uncomfortable one, you will probably need to take breaks just to stretch every five minutes or so.

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