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Top Bean Bag Chair Reviews For 2017

This site is first and foremost about the best gaming chairs for gamers.

The Bean Bag Chair is an exception to what we usually cover as it doesn’t really fall under the category of game chairs.

So, why review them? Well mainly because they are awesome… and they are loved by almost everyone.


Here is a sample of the Bean Bag chairs out there today…

Big Joe Lumin Chair, Limo Black
Big Joe Dorm Chair, Limo Black
Big Joe Dorm Chair, Limo Black
Jaxx Sofa Saxx Bean Bag Lounger, 4-Feet, Cherry Microsuede
Jaxx Sofa Saxx Bean Bag Lounger
Big Joe Large Fuf in Comfort Suede, Blue Sky
Big Joe Large Fuf in Comfort Suede
Huge Bean Bag Chair for Playing Video Games & Watching TV, Blue
Huge Bean Bag Chair for Relaxing

Selecting The Best Bean Bag Chair

How To Choose A Bean-Bag
Selecting an excellent bean bag chair in this huge gaming and leisure market is not a simple task as there are hundreds of bean bags to choose from for many different uses.

The following detailed bean bag chair reviews will undoubtedly present you with very helpful tips and advice which you have to have to be able to choose wisely.

We are confident that you will be able to make an excellent choice from the many cozy bean bag chairs we reviewed and the many suggestions available on the market from the end of last year and 2017.

So, Read The Reviews…
This is why it is important for you to read the reviews before picking the bean bag because you don’t want to buy a bean bag chair only to find out that it has not been filled with good or satisfying filling materials that will be awkward and unpleasant to sit on for long periods of time.

This is why the bean bags reviews will assist you and saves you endless hours in reading and reviewing the different bean bag chairs which will help in your selection of the right chair at the best possible price and the budget you set yourself.

We checked out and researched dozens of bean bags so we could offer you a winning selection in a summed up detailed data base of the best bean bag chairs in 2017. We have also separated the chairs under several price groups that will make it simple to pick a bean bag under your budget.

So, read throughout list of top rated bean bag chairs below where we have listed the best offers and sellers on the market today, these are the prime bean bag chairs that have the biggest demand and hundreds of real customer reviews.

Further down the page we will break down the bean bags and list them under price groups. So compare the BB’s and find the one that suits your needs best.

Top 10 Best Bean Bag Chair Reviews in 2017

Big Joe Roma Bean Bag Chair, SapphireBig Joe Roma Bean Bag Chair, SapphireFilled with UltimaX Beans that conform to you.

Added strength and safety
Available in an assortment of “Vibrant Colors”Click For Updated Price
Sofa Sack-Bean Bags6' Large Bean Bag LoungerSofa Sack-Bean Bags6′ Large Bean Bag LoungerCovered in incredibly soft durable fabric.

Filled with the softest most comfortable foam that will last a lifetime.
Available in many sizes and colors.Click For Updated Price
Big Joe King Fuf in Comfort SuedeBig Joe King Fuf in Comfort Suede, Steel GreyFilled with super spongy and long lasting, upcycled Fuf foam to make this chair as Earth-Friendly as it is happy-body-friendly.Many more colors to choose from.Click For Updated Price
Big Joe XXL Fuf in Comfort SuedeBig Joe XXL Fuf in Comfort Suede, Black OnyxA patented, one-of-a-kind big, long-lasting, cushy, lounge-around Bean Bag chair.Approximately 7 ft of cozy length and many colors to choose from.Click For Updated Price
Chill Bag - Bean Bags Bean Bag ChairChill Bag – Bean Bag Chair, 5-Feet, BlackSuper soft micro suede cover that can be removed and washed.

Ultra durable inner liner with child safety zipper.
Over 20 colors to choose from.

Dimensions: 34″ h x 60″ w x 60″ d
Click For Updated Price
Big Joe Imperial Fufton in Comfort Suede PlusBig Joe Imperial Fufton in Comfort Suede Plus.Filled with super soft and long lasting fuf foam re-fuf again and again for custom comfort.Covered in soft, durable fabric and more colors.Click For Updated Price
Sofa Sack-Bean BagsBean Bag ChairSofa Sack-Bean Bag Chair – Sofa Chair, 5′, Camel.This is built to last… A furniture grade memory foam blend that lasts longer and delivers more comfort than any other bean bag chair.Available in many sizes and 15 colors to choose from.Click For Updated Price
Big Joe Bean Bag, Limo BlackBig Joe Bean Bag, Limo Black.Lightweight, tough, stain resistant, water-resistant, and easily cleaned with damp cloth.Refillable bean bag durable and safe and more colors to choose from.Click For Updated Price
The Original Big Joe Bean Bag Flaming RedThe Original Big Joe Bean Bag [Flaming Red].Tough, stain resistant fabric.

Easily cleaned and waterproof.
Filled with UltimaX Beanand available in other colors.Click For Updated Price
Gold Medal Bean Bags Large Wet Look Vinyl Tear Drop Shape in YellowGold Medal Bean Bags Large Wet Look Vinyl Tear Drop Shape in Yellow.Sturdy, Double Stitched, and has a Child Safe Zipper.

Ideal for Teens, College, and Gamers.
Filled with Virgin Expanded Polystyrene Beans.

More colors available.
Click For Updated Price

Bean bag chairs for gaming and leisure

The bean bag chairs are probably the most popular pastime chairs and are used by kids and adults alike.

They come in many shapes, sizes and vibrant colors and have multiple uses and functions and can be used for reading, watching TV, relaxation and even as a gaming chair which is why it is very popular with college students.

There is a certain mischievousness and freedom in the bean bag chairs that makes them lovable by everyone, they are light weight, flexible and fun.


Best Top 3 High End Large Bean Bag Chairs

Lux by Big Joe XXL Fuf in Union, Gray
Lux by Big Joe XXL Fuf in Union
Chill Bag - Bean Bags Giant Bean Bag, 6', Red Furry
Chill Bag-Giant Bean Bag 6' Red
Panda Sleep XXL Bean Bag, 6'

Large Accommodating Size Bean Bag Chairs

These bean bags come in at very sizable measurements helping to make them large enough to suit more than one person at a time, some bean bags can hold up to three people very comfortably.

The XXL bean bags can also function as bean beds for individuals of any height, making it a twofold function chair.

A large number of consumers vote these kinds of bean bag chairs as the best large bean bags.


Tough, hard-wearing and easily washed cover
These Bean Bags have strong covers which are sturdy enough to stand up to challenging uses, even teens making use of it. They can also be removed and washed or wiped down with a damp cloth, depending on the cover material you choose.


Delicately soft and comfy filling?
These sizeable bean bag chairs are filled with numerous fillings such as, furniture grade memory foam blend or recycled fillings which are all top grade fillings that makes the chairs both comfortable and unbelievably soft and relaxing.

It quite simply adjusts itself to your entire body form and cuddles you when you either lay or sit down in it.

  • Very Comfortable and Useful.
  • They Are Super Big and Fun To Use.
  • Easy And Fast Set Up.
  • Tough Fabric and Easy To Clean.
  • Conforms Your Whole Body...Unbelievable.
  • The Bean Bag is heavy.
  • Takes a few days to fully expand.
  • It's big and needs plenty of room.
  • Needs fluffing every now and then.


These large bean bags are some of the leading trendy sellers. They are a piece of flexible piece of furniture which is sufficient enough to accommodate two good sized people yet compact enough to effortlessly fit into virtually all living spaces in your place.

It is undoubtedly the best type of sofa/chair to take the place of that out of date couch. You will also find that it is awesome for relaxing and chilling out with friends, watching TV and playing your favorite video games.

Once set up it will certainly turn out to be your most desired chair ever.

These types of chairs may be known and called bean bag chairs, however, you will discover that there is no foam or beans inside these chairs, they are filled with the highest quality, softest shredded foam which gives you the maximum comfort you can experience in a chair.



Best Bean Bag Gaming Chairs

For all the gamers out there who might prefer to use a bean bag chair for their gaming activities, than you should know that there are some great bean bags that can fill that need and offer you great comfort for hours of gaming.

The gaming bean bag chair is very different to the standard rocker and PC game chairs we are familiar with. That being said, the bean bag offers maximum comfort and relaxation by contouring your body as if it’s cuddling you and by doing so it will offer the gamer a strong long-lasting position when playing.

These chairs are not as low sitting as the normal rocker chairs, they are low but usually as high as a pedestal gaming chair thus raising your eye level for a much better console gaming session.

Gaming bean bag chairs are no longer set aside for the kids and teens and some are only suitable for adults. They all are very comfortable, relaxing and fun to make use of and not just for gaming. Many users enjoy the bean bags for watching TV, listening to music and just chilling out, and they are so light weight that they are moved around quite easily from room to room.

Below we have posted and reviewed the best bean bag gaming chairs, they are all suited for gaming but can just as well be used for other things as well.

They come in various sizes and awesome styles and colors and they are different from one another so you can choose the style and features that suit you best.

So, take a look at the gaming bean bag reviews for the coolest chairs for 2017, which are suitable for both adults and teens.

The Kahuna Sound Gaming Chair Bean Bag

Stylish Blue and Black Bean Bag Sound Chair
Stylish Blue and Black Bean Bag Sound Chair

Made in a fashionable blue and black sporting concept, this bean bag gaming chair is ideal for the gamers among you.

This black and blue bean bag can very simply connect to either your Xbox, PS4, Wii, and various other consoles.

One of the greatest features in this chair is that it arrives with audio speakers so that your MP3 players can easily used and connected in for audio sound.

The Kahuna Sound Gaming Chair Bean Bag has a heavy duty and resilient vinyl cover, it is also filled with polystyrene which gives it a long-term sustainable functioning which can also be easily cleaned and taken care of by basically using a damp towel to clean wipe the chair with.

Big Joe Dorm Chair

Bean Bag Chairs For Adults
Stylish Big Joe Dorm Chair

Take the weight out of your day in the Big Joe Dorm bean bag chair with the SmartMax fabric which is a hassle-free to cleanse fabric making it a great bean bag gaming chair for your teens bedroom, dorm-room, gaming room and any other room in the house, .

It has an integrated handle making it simple to take hold of and it is light weight and easy to move around from place to place safely.

So, whether or not you are playing your favorite video game with your pals, enjoying a movie, studying, or just surfing the net, this is an excellent and most comfortable way to do it.

When it comes to Big Joe bean bag chairs, they are all enclosed with Two, safety locking zip fasteners which are basically a safety for children so they can not open it easily but, in case you want to insert more stuffing into the chair, you can do so very easily by using the protection pin and open the bean bag and replenish it with new beans.

Big Joe Bean Bags use beans that are 100% recyclable, and they are developed from 80% recycled products.

Big Joe’s primary goal is to make their bean bag chairs relaxing, useful and amazingly comfortable. They take pleasure in staying eco-friendly basically just as much as you will love using them.

Big Joe take pride in being green but they don’t stop there, they donate 10% of all their profits returning it to the community.

Great job guys…

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